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Traditional and exclusive Manor House in Sussex for all those extra special occasions

Historical ambiance with modern comforts
Highley Manor in Sussex has a fascinating past, which adds to its charm as Sussex’ exclusive wedding venue. The present building was owned by the Fitzalan family who held the dukedom of Norfolk. After the reformation, the family lost favour with the monarchy and were forced to sell the Manor to Elizabeth 1 st to settle debts.

The Manor's story

In 1669 the Manor was home to the Shelley family and romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley moved to Highley from nearby Field Place in the early 19 th Century. Towards the end of the 19 th Century the Manor fell into disuse and was eventually demolished and the present building erected in its place. However it was in the high living 1920’s that it achieved most of its fame and notoriety. The exiled king of Portugal took over the Manor from time to time and guests would be entertained by a young Sibyl Thorndyke.

The Royal connection

Rumour has it that Edward Prince of Wales, the uncrowned Edward VIII, entertained Mrs Simpson at Highley. During World War II Highley was used as a base for the Canadian army but later it was lovingly restored by its present owner Mr Bruce Stewart. For anyone seeking an exclusive wedding venue in Sussex, Highley Manor is the select choice.
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